This campaign is run by Jim Leonardo, and starts on the island of Oenklay.

Oenklay is group of islands 70-100 miles west of the main land in the world girding ocean. While the true count of islands is unknown, there is one primary island (also known as Oenklay) and 6 midsized islands. A large number of smaller islands to the east of Oenklay proper generally are known as Shatterend. Oenklay also marks the western edge of the world. Beyond the westernmost islands, the ocean ends and gives way to the Other Realms.

Inhabitants of Oenklay often talk about the “Five Provinces” or “Five Peninsulas”. This is because of the shape of the island which seems to consist of five major “arms” with no “body”. Starting at the southernmost and working clockwise, these arms are known as Anealeas, Oirnale, Einea, East Province, and Romhai. Once a single nation (along with the most of the surrounding islands), each province along with each of the major islands is now its own separate entity.