Kobolds of the Black Heart, Act 2

The Road to Bluwell

[begin place holder] This covers the time from leaving Joring including the caravan raids, the counter attack on Farthe Keep and its caverns, and the cleaning of the bandit camps. [end place holder]

You’ve defeated the Kobold rear guard at Farthe Keep, killing Garlkwit the Rat Master, War Chief Sniskrit and the dragon Maralangwey. Based on the maps recovered, the size of the keep, the makeshift( even for kobolds) nature of things, and the number of kobolds at Joring, this isn’t their home lair. You’ve also encountered other races working with the kobolds (wererats, humans, shifters, dragonborn, elves, halflings) which leads you to believe there’s something bigger going on. Also, the size of the tribe seems bigger than a small dragon like Maralangwey would attract. Clearly, something else has driven these attacks.

Meanwhile, the maps found in the caverns lead you to the discovery of raider camps along the pass to Bluwel. On your way to start investigating these, you ran into a small army headed from Bluwel to help reinforce Joring. Apparently, they had information of the attack coming and mobilized south. This army’s core was the Brotherhood of the Blade, a knightly order active in the northern province of Einea and led by Lord Captain Vandorn.

After encountering Vandorn, you made your way to clear out the bandit camps, finding each was a curious mix of kobold and other races. You find little more information other than this. After this, you manage to find yourselves in Bluwel, a city consisting of four fortified islands on a lake. You’ve arranged for accomodations in the Blakke Gryfyn Inn, where we’ll pick up next time.



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