The Crypt of Nomicos

Location: Bluwell Time: Midspring, less than 2 weeks after the attack on Joring.
Finally arriving in Bluewell after escaping Joring, the group attempts to take a much needed breather. Events soon conspire against them as Dortree is accosted by an elderly eccentric dwarf on the street while shopping. This dwarf, identifying himself only as “Hins” gives Dortree an amulet in the form of a beholder. He only tells him it is “to keep an eye out”, and leaves without giving more information. Other NPCs don’t help very much with information about the amulet. Dortree attempts to leave the amulet with his gear, but finds it back on his person. Not putting it on, he periodically finds the amulet crawling about him like an insect, using the eyestalks as legs.

Later, arriving back at the Blakke Gryffyn, the group finds their dinner already paid for, and it is special fare for this rough and tumble establishment. The group does not need to wait to long before their benefactor appears. The young, well-to-do dwarf turns out to be Lorot, son of Jasp, Earl of Bluwell. Lorot is curious about the only group to arrive from the south in the last several days and pries info from the group. After finding out that the kobolds were accompanied by a black dragon, he suggests the group investigate the tomb of a former ruler of Bluwell: Nomicos. Nomicos had turned out to be a necromancer and legend has it that he didn’t die. Rather, he shut himself up in a guarded/trapped/etc tomb. He also was known to have relationships with kobolds and black dragons.



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